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UN reaffirms two-state solution as only answer to ‘question of Palestine’

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New York, USA, November 30 (Infosplusgabon) -  The Question of Palestine is inextricably linked with the history of the United Nations and is one of the longest-standing issues on the Organization's agenda, United Nations Secretary-General António said in his message on Wednesday commemorating the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

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UN chief spotlights importance of AU-EU strategic partnership


Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, November 30 (Infosplusgabon) - The importance of regional organizations grows with every decade that passes as they are essential to face the difficult challenges that threaten the world, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Wednesday at the African Union-European Union Summit in Côte d'Ivoire.

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ICRC says over 65 million displaced worldwide

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Nairobi, Kenya, November 30 (Infosplusgabon) - Today, more people are forcibly displaced than at any point since the end of World War II. Last year it was estimated that 65.6 million people, or one in every 120, were forced from home, escaping violence or vulnerability, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Wednesday.

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Nigerian Senate asks foreign ministry to summon Libyan ambassador over slave trade

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Abuja, Nigeria, November 30 (Infosplusgabon) - The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday called on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss with Libya's Ambassador to Nigeria how to end the ongoing Libyan slave trade which, allegedly, involves the sale of Africans, some of them of Nigerian descent, as slaves.

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UN envoy condemns "horrific killing" of 45 people in South Sudan

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Juba, South Sudan, November 30 (Infosplusgabon) - At least 45 people have been killed in South Sudan's Jonglei region, UN Special Envoy for South Sudan David Shearer said on Wednesday.

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