Mauritian dailies play up cooperation with Seychelles this week


Port-Louis, Mauritius, October 28 (Infosplusgabon)  - Seychelles, neighbours of Mauritius, and member countries of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) were in the headlines this week in Mauritius, following  a four-day state visit by President Danny Faure to Mauritius.


During the visit, there was much talk of bilateral cooperation, tuna fisheries in which both countries are involved, and the signing of five agreements in different fields between the two countries.


Regarding the tuna fishery, the daily Le Mauricien wrote that Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth acknowledged, at a meeting between the Mauritian and Seychellois delegations, the importance of exercising control over the stock of tuna fish in the Indian Ocean.


He, however, "stressed the need to ensure that decisions made by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) do not affect the fishing industry in Mauritius".


According to Le Mauricien, Mr. Jugnauth observed that Mauritius and Seychelles have formulated a common position so that the concerns of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are addressed at the IOTC level.


Five agreements were signed during the meeting. They relate to cooperation in training of staff of the Seychelles Prison Service; provision of medical personnel and exchange of experience and technical assistance at the health level; the twinning of  Rodrigues Island with the city of Victoria in Seychelles, with a view to promoting cooperation in the maritime, educational, tourism, technological and fisheries sectors; and recruitment of Mauritian teachers to work in Seychelles from January 2018.


At a banquet given in honor of President Faure on Thursday, the Mauritian Prime Minister recalled, according to Le Mauricien, the many challenges facing the two countries such as drug trafficking, cross-border crime, money laundering, piracy and illegal fishing.


"This fight is important for our two countries and we must join our efforts in finding solutions to these evils of society," said Mr. Jugnauth, before expressing his concern about the resurgence of piracy in the region.


Le Mauricien also reported that the Seychellois president said that "the blue economy represents our present and our future".


"The continental shelf we manage together has great potential for development, and our joint efforts in this area should contribute to the transformation of our seas into a space for development, economic growth and shared opportunities. This is a great potential for advancement and prosperity in Africa and the world, "said President Faure.


The daily Bonzour published an interview with James Savy, a Seychellois living for 15 years in Mauritius who said "he is adapted well here".


Finally, L'express daily published a file on tourism, considering that Seychelles does not represent a danger for Mauritius in this sector.


"The actors of the tourist circuit in Mauritius agree that the island has nothing to fear from the Seychellois market," the newspaper observed.






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