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WHO representative explains his mission in Gabon

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Libreville, Gabon, September 21 (Infosplusgabon) – The World Health Organization (WHO) new representative in Gabon, Dr Magaran Monzon Gagayo, held talks on Thursday with Health minister Max Limoukou and unveiled his action plan to promote the country's health sector.


‘’I will strengthen the health cover, health security, health and well-being for the Gabonese populations,’’ Gagayo told journalists at the end of his talks with the  minister.



Underlining his "appreciative leadership approach’’, he said: ‘’I always try to take positive actions. I know that Gabon is one of African countries where universal health coverage is not just a slogan. About 65% of the Gabonese population have access to health insurance. This is positive aspect."


Regarding the Ebola virus epidemic that broke out in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the WHO official said "’the priority for countries is to insist on preparation instead of taking emotional responses as people are used to doing. This approach entails training of response teams, then carrying out activities likely to prevent the introduction of the disease to Gabon.’’







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