Khartoum: UNAMID hands over 4 sites, expresses concern over allegations of improper handover


KHARTOUM,  Sudan, September 12  (Infosplusgabon) -  The United Nations peace keeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) said it has already pulled out and handed four team sites of the 11 in Darfur region, denying news reports that some of these operations involved improper practices.


The mission said it was “concerned about recent allegations of improper handover of team sites in North Darfur as part of its mandated reconfiguration.

In a press release issued in Fashir, the Mission reiterated that as per the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2363, of 29 June, 2017, extending UNAMID’s mandate until 30 June 2018, its strategic priorities in Darfur remain the same - “protecting civilians, facilitating access and security for humanitarian actors and working to ameliorate the root causes of communal conflict."

It further said that UNAMID will take a two-pronged approach incorporating both peacekeeping and stabilization.

“In line with the mandate, the Mission is reducing the number of military, police and civilian personnel, and has earmarked 11 team sites for closure across Darfur,” it said.

Four team sites have been closed to date: Malha, Mellit and Um Kadada, North Darfur, and Muhajeria, East Darfur. Seven team sites are yet to be closed. These are Abu Shouk, Tine, Habila, Forobaranga, Tulus, Eid Al Fursan and Zam.

“Closed team sites have been handed over to the Government of Sudan or appropriate private parties as per lease agreements signed by the Mission," UNAMID underlined.




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