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Drug autonomy in Africa is now !

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By Ludovic Emanuely

LIBREVILLE, June 25 (Infosplusgabon) -  Our various consultations with stakeholders in Africa, from the Ministry of Health to hospitals and pharmacists, have led us to recognize the fierce desire of African countries to achieve autonomy in medicines. The goal is for the African continent to create a real drug industry with production plants.


To do this, we have started with African manufacturers and distributors as well as European pharmaceutical laboratories including Switzerland, the creation of a sector committee dedicated to meetings on drugs in Africa. This constitutes a place of exchange and consultation between private and public professionals, directly involved in the provision of services in the pharmaceutical industry.


Like all professional groups, the goal is to better understand the expectations of potential customers in order to effectively promote the pooling of both good practices, ideas and also financial resources to be able to have a strong impact on the most common pathologies in Africa.

Pending the effective start of the regular activities of this formal framework, in particular those of setting up the first drug manufacturing factories in Africa, the NGO Croissance PEACE benefits from the solidarity of several European laboratories in this area, particularly Switzerland.


Thus, for all those who missed our previous letter, we reiterate here the opportunity presented there: if you are in the medical profession as the manager of a hospital establishment (public or private), responsible for a community local or you hold the necessary approvals to import pharmaceutical products and devices into your country in Africa, you can benefit from reduced prices from our partners on various pharmaceutical products. These are syrups for children and adults, antibiotics, analgesics, injections, vitamins, drinkable ampoules…  For any information: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. .




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