Libyan delegations continue dialogue on sharing of posts in a united Libya


Bouznika, Morocco, October 4 (Infosplusgabon) -  Delegations representing the Libyan House of People's Representatives (Parliament) and the Libyan High Council of State, meeting in the inter-Libyan dialogue session, announced on Saturday that their parley in Bouznika will continue until they reach an "inclusive consensus" on the sharing of posts in a united Libya.



The posts will be shared in accordance with Article 15 of the Agreement signed in December 2015 in Skhirat, Morocco.


In a report to the press, made on behalf of the two delegations, parliamentarian Driss Amran, said on Friday that the meeting "took place in an atmosphere of understanding and consensus on the subject matter".


In their first meeting (6-10 September 2020), the two delegations reached "important agreements on mechanisms on how to choose holders of official posts," he added.


The delegation of the Libyan High Council is headed by Fawzi al-Okab while the parliamentary delegation is headed by deputy, Youssef al-AKouri.





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