Germany gives Togo 5 billion CFAF for decentralization


Lome, Togo, September 22 (Infosplusgabon) - Germany has given Togo 8 million Euros, or about 5 billion CFAF as financial support for decentralization, within the framework of the third phase of the decentralization support programme (PAD 3).



The financing, a donation of the German cooperation through the German Development Bank, KFW, is meant for the building of city halls in the country's new communes, following the 30 June local elections. The German ambassador in Togo, Matthias Veltin, who said that decentralization is among the priority areas of the German-Togolese cooperation, said "we all wish that this strengthening of decentralization materializes itself by an improvement of the services for basic populations.

The ambassador said that the new challenges to take up are among other points the improvement of the funding of territorial collectivities with the operationalization of the support fund for territorial communities (FACT); the training of local councilors and the strengthening of the decentralized technical services to better accompany communes; the strengthening of citizens' participation, women particularly, the quick continuation of the establishment of the judicial and institutional pyramid in the objective to transfer competences and resources to communes.


The Togolese minister of Economy and Finances, who represented the government, said he was pleased about that support. "The project which you have approved the financing is in accordance with the vision of the government which action focuses particularly on the strengthening of basic democracy. This is the privileged way to achieve the re-learning of citizenship". Since 2012, Germany has granted Togo about 47 million Euros, or about 30.8 billion CFAF for the decentralization process in the country.





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