Soldiers close office of international NGO, Action Against Hunger, in Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria


Abuja, Nigeria, September 22 (Infosplusgabon) - Soldiers of the Nigerian Army have sealed the office of the international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Action Against Hunger, in the epicentre of the Boko Haram terrorism in Maiduguri, Northeast Nigeria. Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger and prides itself as leading in saving the lives of malnourished children and ensuring that families can access clean water, food, training, and health care.



"We enable entire communities to be free from hunger." Sources said that on Wednesday night, armed soldiers came into the office premises in two military trucks and sealed it. On Thursday morning, the soldiers denied the workers access to the office. Though none of the military Spokespersons were willing to be drawn into the circumstances surrounding the sealing of the office, the NGO's Country Director in Nigeria, Mr Shashwat Saraf, who confirmed the siege on its office said that they were yet to be told why their office was sealed.

According to him, "we are actually surprised that our Maiduguri office has been sealed off by soldiers, but we have no idea why and we have not been communicated, So we have been trying to find out; I will say we hope to get more information if there is any confusion before the end of the day. As it is right now, we have no information, though it happened since last night. We will get back to you if we have more information." In July, the Action Against Hunger lost one of its staff while six others are still missing after Boko Haram terrorists attacked a convoy of the humanitarian workers in Borno State. And in a video clip released on Wednesday, the six abducted humanitarian workers and staff of Action Against Hunger (ACF) who were abducted begged the Nigerian government to help get them released.





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