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Activist Kemi Seba invites Africans to mobilize against neo-colonialism, France

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Bamako, Mali, September 17 (Infosplusgabon) – Pan-African activist Kemi Seba  has called on African peoples to mobilize against neo-colonialism, the CFA franc and French politics in Africa, reliable sources tsaid.


Seba, who arrived here last Thursday, said this when he addressed a press conference shortly on arrival that was attended by several Malian civil society organizations and politicians such as Malian MP Oumar Marico.


"We are not here on holiday but we are here out of a desire to mobilize against exogenous and endogenous neo-colonialism. Because there would not be external imperialism, if there had not been bad internal governance," said Seba, wo believes that imperialism must be cleared not by violence but by intelligence.


The pan-Africanist, who arrived in the Malian capital, Bamako, last Thursday for a meeting, called for the union of African civil societies to fight the strength of the West from the ground up, adding that, for this battle, "we are afraid that we have not accomplished our mission".


Addressing a meeting, the activist said that his African political opponents were doing the business of neo-colonialist and imperialist France, and asked them to join those who were fighting for Africa and Africans to be respected.


“Imperialism has always divided the brothers to control them better, but this time Africa will emerge from their trap," he said.


Seba urged African leaders "to stop shaking in the face of France and imperialism, to stop being afraid to die like Sankara, because sooner or later, they are called to die one day".


Upon his arrival at Modibo Keita Bamako-Sénou International Airport, Seba, a Franco-Beninese activist and essayist, pan-Africanist, was briefly arrested by the Malian police before being released.


He asked France to pack its bags before it was too late. "If the French do not leave the continent peacefully, they will leave by force," the activist warned.






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