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Gabon govt, Chinese investors to launch bio-ethanol production unit

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Libreville, Gabon, September 17 (Infosplusgabon) – The Gabonese government and Chinese investors on Monday in Brazzaville announced the building of a production unit of 300,000 tonnes of bio-ethanol every year from cassava, costing 620 million US dollars, or about 354 billion CFAF.


The Gabonese minister in charge of Investment promotion, Jean-Fidèle Otandault, said that ‘’the project does not cost the government any money. It will create jobs and fight against rural exodus. My ministry is ready to assist the investors’’.


In exchange for the gain from Chinese investors, Gabon will have to give 83,000 hectares of land that can accommodate an immense plantation and its cassava transformation unit in bio-ethanol fuel.


The project will require 900,000 tonnes of dried cassava with a staff of 7,000 employees in plantations.


With regards to the huge demand in cassava tubers that will come out from that production, local agricultural cooperatives and other cassava producers will have to increase their workforce.


In addition to the production of 300,000 tonnes of bio-ethanol, the plant will also produce 25,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.


Bio-ethanol is a fuel produced from wheat, maize, sugar canes or cassava tubers and is meant exclusively for fuel engines with a significant 75% reduction of green house gas.








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