Gambian press union urges regulator to dismiss Islamic council petition against Ahmadis


Banjul, Gambia, January 31 (Infosplusgabon) - Gambia’s journalist’s body, the Gambia Press Union (GPU), has urged the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to dismiss a petition submitted by the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) against the application for television broadcasting licence by the Ahmadiya Muslim Jammat.


In a statement made available to PANA on Wednesday the GPU urged  PURA to process the application of the Ahmadiya Muslim Jammat in accordance with the principles of transparency, accountability, fairness, and participatory.


“As the Authority mandated to regulate the broadcasting industry, PURA is required by Section 230 (5) of the Information and Communication (Amendment) Act 2013 to publish applications received in relation to Television Broadcasting Licence”, the statement pointed out.


The Union further attested that the Ahmadis Jammat, through its schools and printing press, has made significant contributions toward media freedom and development in The Gambia.


Accordingly, upon receipt of Ahmadiya Muslim Jammat’s application, PURA has published the notice which required the Authority to invite petition from interested persons, who seek to oppose grant of licence to an applicant, the statement said.


However, the union observed that the Minister of Information and PURA will be in violation of the Constitution and international law if it denies the Jammat TV licence on the basis of religious differences.






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