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CAR's transitional president Djotodia seeks political asylum in Benin

LIBREVILLE,   Jan 12  (Infosplusgabon) -   The transitional president of the Central African Republic (CAR), Michel Djotodia, who stepped down two days ago under pressure from the heads of States of the Central African region, arrived late Saturday in Cotonou, seeking political asylum in Benin.



He was welcomed at the Cotonou international airport by the Beninese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nassirou Bako Arifari, who said in a television interview that Benin had accepted to grant asylum to the former CAR transition leader.


According to Arifari, the move is intended to help quickly restore peace, stability and security in the "embattled brotherly country".  In another development, the Beninese authorities have repatriated the first batch of their citizens resident in CAR.

Four other flights transporting some 500 Beninese from CAR are expected in Cotonou in the next few days.




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