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Sudan: Bashir renews commitment to support fleeing South Sudanese civilians

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KHARTOUM, Sudan, September 28 (Infosplusgabon) -  Sudan’s President Omar Bashir on Thursday renewed his government commitment to continue helping South Sudanese civilians fleeing the deadly conflict in their country to take refuge in his country.


Bashir said Khartoum would equally continue its assistance in forwarding humanitarian assistance to civilians in South Sudan.


“We have already opened relief corridors to help civilians in South Sudan and opened routes to allow in refugees fleeing the war in their home country and protect them until they reached safety inside Sudan,” President Bashir told the opening session of the meeting of African heads of security and intelligence being held in Khartoum.


The Committee of Intelligence and Security Services of Africa (CISSA) meeting for two days to discuss  intensification of African intelligence efforts for partnership on a comprehensive strategy against terrorism.


CISSA brings together heads of security and intelligence from African countries and is attended by Arab Security officials as well as representatives from various countries around the world.


President Omar Bashir added that Sudan would spare no effort to help provide assistance to “its brothers and sisters” refugees from South Sudan.


He underlined that Sudan’s national security and stability could not be fully achieved without prevalence of the same situation in neighbouring countries.





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