Four killed after unidentified gunmen from Burundi attack village in southern Rwanda


Kigali, Rwanda, June 27 (Infosplusgabon) - Rwandan Army has repelled an attack in the southern Nyaruguru district by around 100 unidentified gunmen who retreated to Burundi after four assailants were eliminated, a military Spokesperson said on Saturday


Lt.Col. Innocent Munyengango said that  three of the attackers were captured along with military equipment and dry rations marked 'Force de defense nationale du Burundi' (Burundi National Defence Force) early Saturday.


The Rwandan Army said the gunmen attacked from Burundi and fled back in the same direction towards Burundi military position at Gihisi, Commune Bukinanyana, Cibitoke province.


Three Rwandan soldiers sustained minor injuries, it said.


"We reassure Rwandans that action will be taken against those responsible. We are pursuing precise information through diplomatic channels," the statement added.


In June 2018, another  group of armed attackers  raided Nyabimata Sector of Nyaruguru District in the Southern Province killing two and injuring three persons.


Six moths later,  two more Rwandan civilians were killed and eight injured when attackers set fire to three passenger vehicles in the southern Nyamagabe district, which borders Burundi.




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