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Libya determined to expel Russian mercenaries, Janjaweed militias threatening national security

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Tripoli, Libya, June 27 (Infosplusgabon) - The Libyan Foreign Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has assured that "Libya is determined to continue, by all means, the purge of Russian mercenaries of the Wagner Group and the Janjaweed militias and aggressors who support them in order to preserve Libyan national security."




In a statement, the foreign ministry warned of "the danger of the existence of criminal and terrorist groups such as Wagner and Janjaweed", considering "their presence as a threat to regional and international security".


The ministry called on "countries that have oil companies in Libya to cooperate with the foreign ministry, to denounce violations by mercenaries and the countries that support them and to subject them to international sanctions".


Russian mercenaries and Janjaweed militias fight alongside Haftar's forces in Libya.


The Libyan National Oil Company (NOC) has expressed concern over the presence of Russian and foreign mercenaries in the Al-Charara oilfield, after a convoy of dozens of military vehicles entered the field on Thursday to meet with representatives of the guards of the oil installations.


"Libyan oil belongs to the Libyan people, and I reject any attempt by any foreign country to prevent the resumption of oil production," said the chairman of NOC, Mustapha Sanalla.


The US Embassy in Libya on Saturday denounced "an unprecedented sustained campaign from abroad to undermine the energy sector in Libya and prevent the resumption of oil production".


It emphasised that Washington shares the "deep concern about the shameful intervention of the Wagner Group and other foreign mercenaries, against the employees of the Company and of the installations in the Al-Charara oilfield, which constitutes a direct attack on sovereignty and prosperity of Libya".




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