Coronavirus: Tunisia reaches 204 confirmed cases


Tunis, Tunisia, March 27 (Infosplusgabon) – The number of coronavirus cases in Tunisia has reached 204, the minister of Health, Abdelattif Mekki, said on Thursday.


Public hospitals in Tunisia has less than 300 beds for sufferers out of the 20,000 available, or 1.1%, Mr Mekki said, adding that the low number of such beds is one of the main challenges in the treatment of the new coronavirus.


"We have to deal with this large deficit immediately," he said.


In addition, the Tunisian minister of Interior, Hichem Mechichi, has announced the arrest of 724 persons for violating the general health confinement order.


Meanwhile, the security situation at the Tunisian borders with Libya was discussed at a limited ministerial council on Thursday afternoon at the seat of the Tunisian government, official sources said in Tunis.


Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh recommended the ministers directly concerned, particularly those of Defence and Interior for larger coordination and complementarity between the security forces and the national army to tighten security in the national territory and this, in connection with the developments of the Libyan crisis.


The ministry of Defence, in a communiqué, said it increased the degree of vigilance of the armed forces within the framework of the monitoring of the security situation in Libyan zones close to the Tunisian land and maritime borders.


According to the communiqué, the measures taken in collaboration with the security forces and the National Guard aim to prevent any suspect movement and to strongly prepare for any possibility.


According to media reports, the measures are taken following the advancement of Haftar’s forces to the Ras Jedir border point, in an attempt to control it, knowing that it represents ‘’strategic points in the war in Libya”.


“With the positioning of Haftar’s forces at some 15 kilometers from the Tunisian borders, the security risks are at the maximum, particularly with the possibility of a stampede by Tunisians fleeing the conflict in the Libyan western zone and which could be the opportunity for terrorists fighting in Libya to infiltrate the groups of citizens returning back to the country”, said the reports.






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