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Coronavirus: Burundi closes Bujumbura airport

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Bujumbura, Burundi, March 21 (Infosplusgabon)- Burundi had closed the international airport in Bujumbura, the economic capital, for seven days, starting from Saturday, as part of a series of measures to prevent COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the country, the Ministry of Public Safety and Disaster Prevention has said.




No case of coronavirus has yet been officially reported in the country.


In a statement, the Ministry of Public Health, for its part, asked Burundians residing abroad and foreigners living in the country who are currently outside, to stay where they are for now.


In addition, the cost of residence and living expenses for the duration of the quarantine will now be borne by any traveller who comes to Burundi in violation of official instructions, the statement warned.


The Ministry of External Relations has decided to suspend entry visas to Burundi "until further notice".


A previous official measure announced the strict quarantine of passengers from 35 most affected countries in Asia, Europe and America.


Internally, the Burundian government has decided to suspend official missions abroad, except those that are "highly strategic".


Despite this serious global health crisis, Burundi is unfailingly preparing for new general elections from 20 May.


On Friday, government spokesman Prosper Ntahorwamiye ruled out any idea of postponing the presidential, legislative and municipal elections on the same day, claiming that the situation of the COVD-19 is not alarming to disrupt the elections.







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