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FAO holds first regional conference on improving water production in Middle East and North Africa

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Tunis, Tunisia, October 26 (Infosplusgabon)  -  The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced here Friday it would hold its first regional conference on improving water production in agriculture from 3- 6 December, this year.



The meeting will give an opportunity to researchers and decision-makers to discuss the reality of water production in the Middle East and North Africa as wells as the challenges facing the agricultural sector.


It also intended to offer solutions in this field and protection of the environment in rural and urban areas.


The conference forms part of the implementation of the FAO project "Agenda 2030 on water availability, production and sustainability in the Middle East and North African countries".


The project is part of the regional water scarcity initiative launched by FAO in 2013 to support countries in the Middle East and North Africa to address food and water security and ensure sustainable economic and social development.


The Middle East and North Africa region is one of the most water-poor areas in the world.


According to the UN, this water shortage is expected to reach a rate of 50 percent in the next three decades if population and consumption levels are maintained at their current rate.


About 90 square feet of the area in this part of the world is located in arid, semi-arid and dry areas, while 60 square feet of the water sources in the region come from places outside the region, the UN added.


A report by the International Resources Institute last August indicated that the Middle East and North Africa region was among the most drought-prone areas in the world, with Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Iran ranked first.


Libya is the first of the North African countries most threatened by drought (6th worldwide), followed by Morocco (22nd worldwide), Algeria (29th worldwide), Tunisia (30th worldwide) and Egypt (43rd worldwide).





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