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Benin hosts ECA training on accountability in development planning

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Cotonou, Benin, September 22 (Infosplusgabon) - Five African countries have embarked on a process of strengthening accountability for their management, through training on accountability in development planning in Africa, organized by the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).


Benin on behalf of West Africa, Kenya for East Africa, Cameroon for Central Africa, Egypt for North Africa and Zambia for Southern Africa, are the five pilot countries of the project on "Strengthening capacities of African governments to integrate accountability in national development of the 10th tranche of the UN Development Account Project, said Prof. Sylvain Boko, ECA Senior Adviser, in charge of Planning and Statistics.

"These countries are first and foremost those with whom we already have cooperation relations in the field of planning and who have also agreed to collaborate with us in this project. We also approached these countries to find out if this project is useful for them," said Pr. Boko, explaining that the choice of pilot countries also took into account the linguistic representation (French, English and Arabic). Of course, he says, "we wanted to have representation from countries that are at different levels of planning on the continent and that can bring something new in practice to the rest of the continent."

For the expert, the final objective of the program is to be able to make available to the rest of the continent, the tools that will be developed through this project, tools that make it possible to formulate indicators, develop fields of action and integrate a results-based approach and finally generalize them to the rest of the continent.

Initiated by Egypt, the training of agents under the project is currently being held in Benin and will continue in the coming days in Cameroon, Zambia and Kenya. It brings together planning officers, statistical officers, partners, representatives of civil society organizations, and private sector organizations on the theme: "Strengthening the Capacity of African Governments to Integrate Accountability in the national development planning."

It aims to improve the technical capacity of planning and statistics officers in the implementation of national strategies for mainstreaming accountability into national planning. It is expected to strengthen the capacity of national planning institutions to develop, adopt and implement a national strategy for integrating accountability frameworks. It will also strengthen the capacity of these institutions to collect, compile, produce and use data to monitor and evaluate the integration of accountability frameworks and evidence-based policy making into planning processes.

Several topics are covered during this training, including: "Accountability in development planning, Public policy evaluation as a management tool for national development focused on accountability, evaluation of the impact of development programs and projects." Overview of Strategic Planning, Sector Planning, Decentralized Planning and Planning and Budgeting for Sustainable Development." The project targets, among other challenges, the capacity of these institutions in the five pilot countries before being widespread across the continent.





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