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About 30 missing in sinking of boat on Congo River

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Kinshasa, DR Congo, September 17 (Infosplusgabon) - About 30 people are missing in a boat disaster on Sunday on the Congo River.


The whaleboat boat sank on the River near the town of Mambukuta, in the urban-rural commune of Maluku, a suburb of Kinshasa, the Minister of Humanitarian Actions and National Solidarity, Stève Mbikayi, said.


According to the minister, the boat, which was sailing from the former province of Bandundu, had 102 people on board. Survivors are on the Brazzaville side of the river in the Republic of Congo.


Mr. Mbikayi called an emergency meeting with the Minister of Finance to look at ways to respond immediately.


A team is already on site in Maluku to try to search for the missing persons and recover the dead to bury them with dignity.


Several cases of shipwrecks are recorded on the Congo River as well as in the various lakes in DR Congo, mainly due to the absence of markings on these rivers, overloading and lack of lifebuoys in the boats.






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