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Military says government does not intend dissolving security force

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Khartoum, Sudan, July 11 (Infosplusgabon) - The Sudanese ruling military council said here Wednesday it had no intention of dissolving the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) which remains an integral part of the country’s security apparatus.


“There is no intention at all to tamper with the (NISS),” said Major General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, vice- president of the Transitional Military Council, in a meeting with the top leadership of the Intelligence body.

Gen Daglo was reacting to rumors that the government during the interim period would dissolve the current NISS similar to the situation in 1985 when a popular uprising ended the rule of President Gaafar Nimeiri (1969-1985) after which the government dissolved the security service and dismantled its various departments, leaving the country without a proper security body.

It took years before the security was rebuilt.

Gen Daglo met on Wednesday with senior officers of the security and reassured them that “no country let go its security body… this will result in loss of political and economic stability”.

He also said the Sudanese NISS had some of the top brass officers in the world and that it worked hand in hand with other regular forces in the country to serve Sudan’s national interests.

The reassurance also comes following calls by some elements within the Force for the Freedom and Change to dissolve the NISS military might and revert to its role of collecting and analyzing information only and submitting the outcome to politicians for action.

The head of the security and defense committee within the Transitional Military Council, Major General Jamal Omar, has commended the vital role played by the NISS in the country’s stability and unity.

He said the NISS role was vital given the current challenges facing the region, with increasing threats that required an alert and capable security body that assembled and analyzed data and information professionally.

The general director of the Sudanese national intelligence and security, Lt General Abu Bakar Damblab, said NISS was capable of carrying out all its duties in full during the current state until the country reached the stage of free and fair elections.





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