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President Issoufou thanks Nigeriens for great mobilization during AcFTA summit

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Niamey, Niger, July 11 (Infosplusgabon) - Niger's head of state, Issoufou Mahamadou, on Wednesday urged his compatriots to take over the continental African Free Trade Area (AfCTA) and, in general, the 2063 agenda of the African Union which aims to make Africa, by 2063, an "Africa integrated, prosperous and peaceful, led by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force on the international scene".


In a message to the nation, President Issoufou thanked his fellow citizens, especially the people of Niamey, "for their patience, as well as the exceptional and warm welcome accorded our visitors".

Niger hosted two summits, July 7 and 8, 2019, of the African Union Heads of State and Government: the first on the launch of the operational phase of AcFTA, and the second on coordination between the African Union and the Regional Economic Communities.

"It is unanimously agreed that the two meetings were a great success, both from the point of view of the number of heads of state and government who visited Niamey, and the quality of the organization and hospitality," said the head of state, "thanking God who allowed us to record this brilliant success and which allowed the holding of these events peacefully".

"This success is due to you, my dear fellow citizens, who have shown exceptional commitment. This success is yours, be proud of the rebirth of your dear country. This success, we also owe it, to the good preparation of the activities by the government, the 2019 AU agency, the technical support commissions, the professionalism of the defense and security forces and the quality partnership with the various sponsors and service providers, as well as the quality of our infrastructure built to international standards."

For President Issoufou, Niger has just experienced a historic moment, because history will remember that it was here, in Niamey, on July 7, 2019, that the operational phase of the AcFTA, the largest free trade zone in the world, was launched.

"The speed with which this flagship project has been negotiated and concluded is unprecedented in the history of the African Union. I know that this project is in line with your aspirations, you who are an open people, imbued with pan-African values ​​of solidarity and unity".

"The success we have just recorded in the organization of these conferences, we must consolidate and amplify it so that Niger is a hub for international meetings. Today, Niger can host any international event because we have the human skills and infrastructure.

"The summits we have just organized are just one example of what we are capable of doing. Therefore, I invite you to change your outlook on yourself and to realize that you are capable of great achievements. After these summits, I am convinced that the gaze of others on us has changed. Niger and its people now reflect a totally positive image, an image of a country moving forward, an image of a country making progress towards its emergence ".




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