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Burkina Faso and Niger agree on joint border management

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Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, July 11 (Infosplusgabon) - Burkina Faso and Niger agreed on Wednesday to jointly manage their borders to combat insecurity, a diplomatic source said.


"The agreement we have just signed is an agreement for cooperation in various areas of daily life such as security, agriculture, livestock, the environment, health, education, etc.," said Alpha Barry, head of Burkinabe diplomacy.

"There will be the border, but we will pretend that there is definitely no border," said Niger's Interior Minister Ankourao Kala.

Kala said that these populations now belonged to two states but had a common life, a common development and common future prospects and there would be the integration of these communities.

"As soon as this border problem is solved, you have solved many problems of insecurity. It is when communities do not agree that there are problems," he said.

Burkina Faso and Niger share a long common border with peoples who are related to each other on both sides.





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