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Nigerien parliament ratifies amendments to electoral code

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Niamey, Niger, June 25 (Infosplusgabon) - The National Assembly of Niger on Tuesday passed amendments to the electoral code relating to the functioning and composition of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).


However, the opposition did not take part in the debate and the vote on modifications of the electoral law was not consensual, contrary to the political majority in power.

Of the 34 articles, subject to change, three did not receive the consent of the opposition. These are articles 12, 80 and 81 relating to the composition of the CENI, polling stations and the mode of designation of members of the polling stations.

This amendment to the electoral law also aimed to take into account the third political group of the non-affiliated, in the composition of the CENI and its various branches.

"It must promote the organisation of free, transparent and credible elections by our country", said some observers.

According to the report of the Commission of General and Institutional Affairs (CAGI), the new version of the electoral law "is the result of a broad consensus obtained at the end of discussions within the National Council of Political Dialogue (CNDP)", a body created for the search of consensus among political parties and on all questions concerning the political life of Niger.

At the end of the vote, the Minister of the Interior in charge of electoral matters thanked the deputies for their vote in favour of the law "determining peace and the stability of the country".

"Today we have too many problems of an exogenous nature with regard to insecurity, so that we can add to it with domestic problems. We are facing acts of terrorist organizations on many of our borders that are generated by those who have nothing to do with our country'', he said.



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