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Tension persists in Nouakchott after publication of presidential election result

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Nouakchott, Mauritania, June 25 (Infosplusgabon) - Tension persists in Mauritania after the publication of results of last Saturday's presidential election that gave victory to Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Ghazouani.


The National Electoral Commission said Ghazouni won in the first round with 52.01% of the vote.

The retired general, former chief of staff and former defence minister, is close to outgoing President Mohamed ould Abdel Aziz.

On Monday evening there were incidents involving the police and activists of the Coalition Living Together (CVE), who are supporters of candidate Kane Hamidou Baba, followed by numerous arrests.

Baba has accused the police of "invading the premises of his camp and taking away computers and furniture".

For his part, candidate Biram Dah Abeid denounced "the siege of neighbourhoods inhabited by black populations" by the security forces.

Four opposition candidates, Sidi Uuld Boubacar, former Prime Minister, Mohamed Ould Maouloud of the Coalition of Forces for Democratic Change, Biram Dah Abeid, anti-slavery leader and Kane Hamidou Baba have expressed their determination "to challenge the results of the election by all legal means" and called for a rally in front of the electoral commission headquarters on Thursday to express their dissatisfaction with the result.




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