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Kenyatta vows to end looting of state coffers, opens up on deal with opposition

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Mombasa, Kenya, December 30 (Infosplusgabon) - Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has opened up on a political settlement reached with opposition leader Raila Odinga who took a controversial oath as the peoples president earlier this year. Kenyatta said the deal is one of the reasons for his intensified fight against corruption.


President Kenyatta said in a televised interview on Friday with reporters that the surprise deal with the opposition leader was motivated by the need to end the perceived political exclusion of ethnic communities after every political contest, usually by well-connected individuals’ intent on looting state resources.


“The fight against corruption is a national fight. The fight belongs to every single citizen of Kenya regardless of gender or tribe. Anybody who desires a better Kenya is part of this fight,” Kenyatta said.


President Kenyatta said flaws in Kenyan politics were motivating vicious fights for the presidency because for others, it provided an opportunity to loot state resources… “Our time to eat.”  This was the main reason why he reached an agreement with the opposition leader.


“We must have a system which looks at our political flaws at the national level. We are talking about things to fix our problems. These will impact generations to come. The things we are addressing in the 'Building Bridges Initiative' will help to unlock Kenya’s full potential,” Kenyatta explained.


President Kenyatta announced the 'Building Bridges Initiative' with the opposition leader on the door steps of Harambee House, the President’s office in central Nairobi, on 9 March after a protracted political contest following the August 2017 and the October 2017 presidential elections.


“I believe I won the elections,” President Kenyatta said. He was equally perturbed by the public pressure for Odinga to swear himself in as the peoples president.


At the time of the political contest, the main opposition was threatening to create a parallel Parliament and was already convening County Assemblies to pass resolutions denouncing President Kenyatta as an illegitimate leader of Kenya after the contested vote.


Kenyatta said he was committed to building a country which is more cohesive and to build bridges with the opposition, ensuring that political contests do not end up dividing the country.


Since the president announced his gentleman’s agreement with Odinga, the East African country has witnessed a period of political tranquility.




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